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    UserVoice TeamUserVoice Team shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • cashanova72778cashanova72778 commented  · 

        I wish when you got to choose characters, you got to see who the enemy team was using so you could better make a decision of who to pick. For instance, if the enemy team was using Skye, you could then choose someone to counter her stealth ability. Just hoping it's coming in the future. Sick of having a team with no frontline, teammates waiting till the very end to choose a character so you can't even switch, then enemy team has 2 frontline. Match not even worth playing then.

      • Michi20012Michi20012 commented  · 

        Good Day HI-REZ I have suggestions for playing Paladins or in the upcoming update could be added to the ability to test each of the characters

      • Azamyr AmnaisicAzamyr Amnaisic commented  · 

        Good Afternoon Hi-Rez,
        I was thinking about a new « mode ». It looks like « assault » or « survival », but a little bit different. Well, on a new map (maybe with more hiding places and strategic points distributed almost everywhere which they need to get back or to occupy etc...?), a 2vs2vs2vs2vs2 (more specifically, It could be 5 equips of 2 players who are fighting with the same idea than I've exposed --> Strategic points) … ? I don't know .. ! ^_-
        The kindest regards on my part.

        ~Azamyr, el olvidado~

      • J0hnZer0J0hnZer0 commented  · 

        Good Afternoon Hi-Rez,
        I saw that during my gameplay I couldn´t exchange the champion, which could make that game really more fun and difficult.
        So I suggest that we should have a option of changing the champion during the game.
        I wait paciently for a answer.

        From the brazilian community,
        João Vitor De Souza Dias

      • DavidDavid commented  · 

        Hello, first thing I want to say is that Zhin is the best champion which has ever added in Paladins, and I'd start thinking about him as a my main champion. But here's one issue while playing with him, you can't aim accurately with that reticle(circle and dot in center) because of his special type of attacks. So I came up with an idea that includes to change Zhin's reticle to special and different reticle(like Maeve's blade reticle) that makes playing with Zhin more comfortable, also I have a sketch showing off what his reticle might be look like:
        Link: < >
        I will be so happy if you keep in mind my advice.

      • Artur PasettoArtur Pasetto commented  · 

        Reduce shot rate and decrease Skye's life and increase Kinessa's life

      • JonathanJonathan commented  · 

        Hi, Hi-Rez, I'm a frecuent player of your game Paladins, and I enjoy it, a lot. But Recently, in Onslaught and Siege Mode, there has been some players that go out of the safe zone, camp near the safe zone and when someone goes near them, they hide inside. Please make a patch that doesn't allow the players to go inside their safe zone once they leave. Please I beg, the game is great, but it's this stuff that makes the game painful to play.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        A few ideas
        Sure, maybe you guys can work on lowrering even more the graphics for low end computers, in mine runs fine but in some parts of some maps, it goes by 2FPS its just ridicoulous XD

        Oh and another idea that u guys can really use is this:
        If you plan to release this as a full game, GET RID OF HER
        ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR at least change her fucking rapid fire weapon

      • Michael DavidsMichael Davids commented  · 

        A few ideas.

        Bug Fix on console or at least PS4 not sure about other consoles.
        - The crosshair isn't properly aligned, the x-axis of the cross hair and the y-axis of the cross hair is incorrect. When firing shots you have to aim a little to the left of the person you are targeting to deal damage.
        - Players I sent referrals too in the past I am unable to add to a party only they can add me.

        - Capture the flag
        - A way to call out your horse again, sometimes a user would accidentally press a button and the horse would vanish then you will have to walk the rest of the way (Horse should be respawnable only when close to the base)
        - Selection of a different character. Sometimes when playing realize your team only select damage or flank players and there are no front line or support. Those are the times I would just like to press back and select a front line character or support or whatever character to support the team.
        - Respwan time is too long can this be shortened.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        A game mode where we can spam heroes, that would be crazy.

      • DariusDarius commented  · 

        +More, More and more skins from SMITE - great style and climate (how Fernando).

        +Some kind of bonuses for Founders (im dont thinking about "pay to win", just skins or graffiti).

        + Gargulle style skin for Willo

        +Wiktor Skin - "Veteran"
        Beard, Camo pants, rustet weapon with bands, Beard tshirt, red headband

        +More different mounts (not only horses, wolfs, spiders etc.)

        +All maps in Day/Night versions, plus Winterversions when winter comes.

        +Getting on/off on Mounts all the time (with delay 3seconds).

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        My idea is a new character. He is a Monster hunter. He gains the power of lightning and magic power, which is the power inherited by the predators of the previous generation. He invented devices to use to remember the devil and rescue people Using artificial wings to place. He did not want money, just wanted people to live peacefully.


        LMB - Three electric shock guns with automatic target locks. 135 Damage per second, 25 shots

        RMB - Throwing a bottle of medicine to rescue Heal every 120 seconds for 3 seconds. ( 4 seconds CoolDown )

        Q - sets up a small turret Can shoot enemies automatically. small turret slow affected players. small turret No blood (Put on the floor and wall mounted by the scene. Resembles sentry turret) 85 damage per second Up to 5 ( 3 seconds CoolDown )

        F - Fly to the direction you're pointing at Force left right ( Something like willo ) ( 7 seconds CoolDown )

        E - Set a shield in half-circle style, characters in the shield can be healing them for 450 health every second for 5 seconds.

        HP - 2800

      • tgrntgrn commented  · 

        I think that it is good to display the recovery amount received from each champion healer instead of the current healing on the result screen after the battle ends.

        It makes it easy to see who the healer healed and who did not heal.

        well I'm angry that the healers complaining about the characters picked up by others did not healing the frontline.

      • Naku515Naku515 commented  · 

        Make Pixel Sprays

        Make Pixel Sprays the community want something new , is not a copy of Overwatch but the people want test something different links: file:///C:/Users/DELLPC/Desktop/Mis%20Descargas/Paladins%20Imagenes/18838993_1929958723884504_2889165966012057872_n.jpg file:///C:/Users/DELLPC/Desktop/Mis%20Descargas/Paladins%20Imagenes/18892882_1929958750551168_7473650422739439856_n.jpg file:///C:/Users/DELLPC/Desktop/Mis%20Descargas/Paladins%20Imagenes/18920424_1929958763884500_7005352627788842714_n.jpg

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        1) Sort heroes by role in menu
        2) The opportunity to try out the hero(maybe by playing 3 free matches)
        3) The opportunity to set a quick purchase for different characters
        4) Difficult to attack on "Frog's swamp"

      • EasyNotSleezyEasyNotSleezy commented  · 

        I play random for my playlist. Letting the players know which game mode they are playing on the characters select screen would be a great help with build of the team.

        PS: No Front liners for payload is not the best experience for a 1st time player,HA! I'm just saying...

      • It was an accidentIt was an accident commented  · 

        I have an idea for a very funny hero to play : some one as a viking who does damage only in contact.
        His A grab an ennemy OR an ALLY.
        His E : he slams the gound and stun enemies nearby.
        His F : he throws his shield to stun and eject an enemy.
        And with the right click he kicks an enemy away.

      • PAulo RicardoPAulo Ricardo commented  · 

        Grohk should have a warning to his totem, only for allys (but with different colors, sush as white and blue)

        Skye smoke scream
        Add an extra effect. If hit a targets directly will make them blind (like in maeve's ult) for 1 second. Also change her legendary card surprise attack to "Now smoke screen let the enemys incapable to see warnigs (like grenades, seris ults, etc) and any other inused card too (increased the duraction of smoke screen blind effect for .5/10/1.5/2s

        Maeve ult should increased the duraction by 1 sec, and reduce the Prowl cooldown for 10.
        And maybe change her legendarys to become more useful, like Cat Burglar "Reduce the Prowl cooldown by 2s/ Rogue's Gambit- Pounce have rwo charges, but reduce the damage by 400 and increased the cooldown by 1)

        Grover- now vine has a second effect. If you hit a wall or something (even allys), Plant a flower (like in smite) that can heal nearby allys for 500 for 1 seconds. And change his legendary card Ferocity to ("The vine flowers now also deal 250 by 1s " or perhaps "Now blossom passevely deals 20 damage to nearby enemys per sec but also no longer heals nearby allys per sec" maybe add a "change aura effect if press R(reload) The same thing he had in the past but weaker).

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