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    UserVoice TeamUserVoice Team shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • ReazinReazin commented  · 

        Maeve Balance Suggestions


        Problem - Able to easily attack from long distances.

        Fix - The issue is trajectory. This was buffed multiple times. Back pedaling this can make it so she can only be consistent at close to mid range, just like how she used to be, but now with the other buffs she received.

        Damage won't need nerfing since she has to get in close to fight (she isn't the fastest killer either).

        Weapon Conclusion:
        Don't nerf anything, EXCEPT the trajectory.

        In older OB's she couldn't "snipe". She'd be looking at the sky throwing daggers (still wouldn't travel as far/suboptimal for her). The other weapon buffs can remain intact. Damage was never the problem after her first "nerf".


        Problem - Maeve has one good card (Artful dodger); It heals, cleanses, AND cancels CC. Since she has low HP this increases her survival capabilities (she doesn't have health like other flanks and/or she doesn't have an ability that makes her immune to damage to possibly escape, i.e. "reversal, ice block, billow, DR lex legendary, less health than every other flank except evie"). Maeve's other legendary cards aren't bad, but rather they can't compete with the survival aspect of AD.

        This fix is in conjunction with the changes I suggested above (i.e. close range Maeve).

        Fix - First, what hurts the viability of the other cards is not the cleanse, it is not the CC counter, but it is the "500 health regen".

        This should be put back into her base kit (similar to what talus has now). With her now having a CHANCE to get heals no matter the legendary, this opens up doors for change to her cards/play style.

        Artful Dodger: Nine Lives now cleanses, 2 sec reduc. on prowl

        - This legendary will no longer give CC, BUT you can at least get a full heal in combat (Maeve will need to be even more careful now though, cause CC abilities affect her i.e. Makoa's hook/Seris ult). This also gives you a little cooldown on prowl (since she has no cards to reduce that ability). This gives her flexibility without being too strong.

        Cat Burglar: +20% damage for 5 secs out of prowl on first shot. Nine Lives cancels CC

        - Since Maeve wouldn't be getting a damage nerf in my suggestion (so 450 damage per dagger), 20% seems fine (maybe +30% is ok, but again just being careful). Card changed back to "bonus damage after first shot only" cause NL cancels CC.

        *Her 500 heal (plus loadout cards if you have them) will be affected by cauterize (reduced healing), BUT now you are making a choice; run away THEN heal up (after caut effects wear off)/stay and fight taking a risk (you can now counter things like Makoa's hook again, but you won't get max healing mid fight. fair trade).

        Maeve now has two viable options in legendary cards;
        Full heals and more prowl, or more damage and CC immunity.

        Rogues Gambit: Unchanged (pounce reset on eliminations), but with a possible addition; "Pounce now travels further"

        - I'm not enforcing this change, but I think it strengthens the card as a legendary (the card is fine already, but the default legendary was just better.). The actual bonus distance you get from the card I would leave up to the developers (don't want it to be too strong. doesn't have to be a lot, just noticeable).

        Legendary Conclusion:
        500 heal back into her base kit makes balancing her legendary cards easier while also not artificially nerfing Maeve's ability to survive (she will still have to work for it though because of caut and/or avoiding CC). Cleanse and CC are split up and put into 2 different legendary cards, forcing a choice, while also opening up more combos for card options. All of her legendary cards now become viable. Thinking about it now they just put too much of Maeve's good qualities into one legendary instead of SPLITTING it up.

        examples - Now with cooldown reduc. for prowl on Artful Dodger instead of CC canceling, you might want to buy resilience to counter CC which also means no damage reduction items for you, but you can use loadout cards for that, adding more options for Maeve.

        -Damage reduction items might be purchased more for Cat Burglar since she will have Nine Lives to counter CC. However she will have to RUN away from a fight to heal up, giving the enemy team time to attack since they are now rewarded for putting Maeve out of combat for a bit. This can also possibly lead the enemy team to chase her and finish her off if Maeve isn't careful.

        -Ultimate is unnecessarily nerfed, ESPECIALLY since you have a character whose Ult directly counters hers (Cassie; In addition to countering Maeve's Ult she puts you back into "combat", so no healing if waiting for out of combat).

        This is a case of nerfing a character tool without looking at how it affects match ups against the rest of the cast.

        ex. You see a Kinessa you get a flank, you see Drogoz you get Andro, you see Maeve/Sha you get Cassie (Her Ult counters their Ult and Cassie can fight both).

      • ReazinReazin commented  · 

        Skye Ability Rework (Hidden)

        Ability in question: Hidden

        Skye has two abilities in which it makes her invisible. This becomes problematic due to when players start purchasing the item illuminate, she becomes weaker late game since she has a hard time approaching and escaping.

        Rework: Hidden now changed to "Wall Climb"

        Reasoning: This new ability is to give Skye some vertical mobility without making her too strong, and to counteract her weakness in late game matches (being somewhat useless when illuminate comes into play).

        Since Skye already has an ability for invisibility that adds a lot of flexibility in smoke screen (cooldown, duration, movement speed, etc.) two of the same ability isn't necessary. This would also allow smoke screen ability cards to be tweaked if needed.

        Properties of wall climb:
        -Ability will have a duration based on a bar that shows how long she can climb (bar duration like Strix's stealth). This can be balanced as in to not be too long or too short. Would require testing.

        -Ability will be toggle based; Press button to activate ability to climb/Press button again to deactivate, causing Skye to drop down.

        -Toggleable at any time (when in this mode you would also see her non shooting hand on screen to signal she can wall climb), since it wouldn't overlap with her other abilities.

        - This would make combat more fluid for Skye (ex. enter 'wall climb" mode, start a fight which can include using her other abilities while still in the mode, then run near wall to start wall climbing).

        - How the "wall climb" bar drains can be based on just activating the move, or only draining when actually in a wall climb state. Bar would refill rather slow so that the ability isn't overused and has to be used strategically.

        -Skye will only be able to climb straight up, slide down, leap, and sit still. If she gets to an upper level of a map while climbing (to the top of a stair way that she climbed the side wall of for example), she will climb over and resume the standing position.

        -If she jumps off a high platform and activates the ability near a wall, she will cling to the wall and resume the "sit still" position on wall, and from there, she can choose how to move based on her long as the duration bar isn't depleted she can combo any type of movement (ex. climb up, then slide down, then stop, then jump. This will all work).

        -If she runs towards a climbable wall, when she activates wall climb she will be able to start climbing it.

        -Jumping off a wall will be different from her generic jump while on the ground. It's more of a leap where she jumps off the wall and flips to her destination (control of where to leap will be limited; you can control the direction of the leap but air control is very low. Skye will travel a fair distance). For example, on Bright Marsh, Skye would be able to wall climb one of the little lighthouses in front of spawn (the 2 pillar like objects that when you leave spawn you can hide behind them when enemy is pushing the payload, without jumping down) and then jump off them sideways to get back to the spawn rooms.

        -Skye can only shoot when in "sit still"/"slide down" positions and accuracy will be the same as when she is grounded. She can also shoot while leaping but accuracy will be the same as when she is airborne.

        -When in "sit still"/"slide down" positions Skye can also use her other abilities (i.e. throw smoke screen/poison bolts/use ultimate)
        -Skye can leap from one wall to another (if close enough) and cling to it if wanting to (she would have to activate the ability again once near the other wall that she wants to cling/climb to).

        Wall Climb card ideas:
        - card that increases distance of leap off wall
        - faster movement when wall climbing
        - longer duration of wall climb ability
        - activate stealth for "x amount" during "sit still" position with an internal cooldown (movement will not cancel stealth, so Skye can leap afterwards and still be invisible)

        Smoke screen and card changes:
        - quick smoker (cooldown reduction card) changed to "increase duration of invisibility when touching smoke screen" (since smoke screen can be reduced using the confound card from poison bolts, stealth doesn't have to be as long as what hidden gives. Skye will also have vertical mobility, so her stealth ability shouldn't be too strong.)
        - dissipate card will now grant movement speed for the duration that Skye is invisible.

        Note* Movement speed cards would probably need balancing in general with Skye's rework

        legendary cards:

        Debilitate: unchanged

        Preparation: unchanged (would only affect smoke screen and poison bolts though)

        Surprise Attack: Reworked; Now allows Skye to wall run (move freely, in any direction, when wall climbing)

        - She will be able to shoot/use abilities at any time now.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Now, some of the characters' ultimate qualities are of no use to the team, such as shalin Fernando Cassie.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        A way to turn down or off the announcers would be really good. In patch 60 the announcer voices seem to be extremely loud and drown out everything else mostly the character voices. It was bad before 60 but now it's really bad almost unbearable sometimes and some voices are worse then others and it would be a really nice and helpful feature.

      • ChuchoChucho commented  · 

        Can you do the game cross platform because mi friends have a pc but i have a ps4

      • raposaraposa commented  · 

        bom, seria bom que cade maestria tive-se seu próprio lugar..
        os ouros, cai-sem apenas com os ouros, seja ele ouro 1,2,3,4,5
        os platinas cai-se apenas com os platinas seja ele platina 1,2,3,4,5
        os diamantes apenas com os diamante e assim por diante
        porque fica muito você ir no competitivo e no seu time cai um jogador que ainda nem acabou as provisórias .. sendo você diamante ..
        arrumem o balanceamento por favor... obrigado !!

      • Necxoul /GFXNecxoul /GFX commented  · 

        Add an object capture mode and take them to your base

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Could you add crouching and quick melee?

      • BloodSeeker097BloodSeeker097 commented  · 

        We need a wider variety for the to plays! Not only showing the guy who had the triple quadra or etc... The supports the tanks need some love too! what if the healer did 200k healing and was keeping everyone alive and you just show a stupid triple kill that every kill was a killsteal? Other classes deserve some love too! Thanks

      • BloodSeeker097BloodSeeker097 commented  · 

        First of all, a zhin jedi skin would be really great! Secondly, you could create some more mounts that we can buy with gold and not crystals, or by a special pack.... Third, a legendary or epic skin for grohk would be really appreciated by you players. Moreover, the quests should give more gold and essence or, there could be more quests, like daily quests and not only 3 weekly quests.... in that way the grinding would be a bit easier, and there should be a wider variety of quests not only (play 5 matches etc). Also the mastery rewards.... The mastery skins are great really! But with the spare levels, what about them? there should still be some 200 up to 500 gold, or some essence like 500! help the new players grind a bit more! Another good idea is giving some rewards with the account levels! Like the volcanic makoa skin... you could give some free cosmetic, or crystals, or gold, or essence every 10 levels for example, a radiant chest every level is way too small reward.

        Thanks for your time, and sorry for my english! It's not my mother language!

      • DivineKing94DivineKing94 commented  · 

        WE NEED ......NEW CHAMPION
        TANK + SUP
        PIG LIKE IN ( TMNT Bebop )

      • DivineKing94DivineKing94 commented  · 

        Update PLS hi-rez

        01. Remove Horses with big champions.
        02. On TAB K/D/A simply
        03. On Loby afther MATCH - First we See is K/D/A simply
        04. We Need More ( Target ,Gunpoint , Hindsight ) more
        improvement . More Colors . more precisely
        05. We Need more unique Champions Intro IN Select Champions
        06. We Need more unique Champions Intro IN TOP PLAY Screen
        07. We Need more Sprays
        08. We Need, the champion to say THX, Hello and wave with his Hand (like in Overwatch)
        09. We Need ( 1 on 1 Match )
        10. We Need ( 3 on 3 Match )
        11. We Need ( 6 on 6 Match )
        12. We Need More Modes , and Maps
        13. We Need Deep System of ITEMS like in ( League of Legends )
        14. We Need Better loading Screen Before the Match
        15. Make AUTO BUY ITEMS - How i choose in the Champions options
        I'm set up MY ITEMS ...and AUTO BUY ...BUY MY ITEMS

        THX All ...
        Pls support me Hi.Rez
        Do this UPDATE Please... PALADINS FUNBOY

      • ErenEren commented  · 

        First of all, Torvald rework is insanely unnecessary because from now on a short ranged champion has become a long range champion thanks to your unuseful ideas. Don't come up to me and say "but we lowered his health bla bla" because it's ridiculous. Here are the useful ideas for him:
        -His damage should lower quick with distanse like short range champions.
        -His silence duration must be reduced.
        -His health must be 3000 hp.

        Also with the buff of Androxus, here are the ideas to balance the game:
        -His gun should deal 400 damage per shot
        -His reversal legendary card should deal only 500 damage, not 800.

        With the rework of Tyra, here are the ideas to fix this broken game:
        -Hunters mark should go off when you go in stealth, such as when you step in Skye's poison smoke or regular stealth like Skye and Sha Lin.
        -She does insane amount of damage, her magazines must be smaller.
        -Reduce her legendaries in general.

        Makoa ideas:
        -When he grabs you with anchor, you can't escape and he does 80% more damage with the legendary card. It should be only 40% more damage.
        -Also F skills are usually for escape abilities, so when he hooks you we should be able to use our escape abilities to block him from doing damage to us. (Sorry Tyra i hate you)

        Zhin ideas:
        -His two legendaries are the most op ones in the game. Billow card must only heal him 40% health not 60% health OR can only be used every 25 seconds.
        -Counter attack must not make him in counter forever because until you stop shooting at him, he already gains all of his health during counter with his cards. Counter attack legendary card must be only used twice. And his healing card should not be 100/200/300/400, must be like "Gain %10/20/30/40 health of the damage you countered"

        Maeve ideas:
        -She quite fun to play right now, good buffs i should give you that. Just reduce her healing from the legendary card 500 to 250, because she can already use regular cards to buff her healing even without this legendary and now two of them combined can heal her 800 health instantly.

        Ying ideas:
        -Her healing ability needs buff because she's the most easiliy countered support with cauterize in the game. She should heal more often, quicker.

        -Her dodge roll ability cooldown must be increased from 5s to 8s. So people will have time to escape if they are 1v1 againts her.

        -Her smoke screen should heal her 600 health immediately for good, not for 2s like one of her cards. It's useless.
        OR her smoke screen should deal damage to enemies and steal life for her %15 each champion inside the smoke screen.
        -She definately needs vertical mobility IF you are not going to buff her stealth. And that vertical mobility must be triple jump like Androxus, I mean she's a ninja for crying out loud!! Come on! OR make her walk on walls and obstacles too! So she can escape in certain situations.

        -Her ultimate needs buff. She must deal more damage with ultimate and stun enemies longer, but reduce her ultimate radius so it won't be op. You guys love op but sorry.

        -His jump ability needs some reduce. He jumps too far and deals too much damage and escapes again. Work on it.

        -His running ability needs a long cooldown and needs to be slower.

        Even using one of these ideas will help the game in a positive way i am so sure of it. Because these are all the problems currently.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hi! Im new here and i'll like to post all the ideas that i'll like to see in paladins :D

        1) More personalization/customization on the menus/starting game advertiments

        2) Fix the Last One Standing achievment

        3) Rework or fix the matchmakng a little

        4) And maybe just adding monthly missions with a chest from reward or something like

        Thanks for all the great work and I hope you never stop giving us what we want to see <3 ^^

      • Frank WandersonFrank Wanderson commented  · 

        Champion concept, I call him Good Boy.
        His gun is a Rocket luncher with 8 ammunition.
        1. Shoot one missile at a time causing 500 damage in area.
        2. Use the heat of the missile shots to throw a blast of fire in his front.
        3. It throws a static grenade that heals allies and himself inside the field of effect.
        4. At the cost of 4 ammunitions it is propelled to a target direction, if it hits a wall it can hold himself for a fell seconds but he can't reload his rocket luncher.
        5. Focus on your enemies for a few moments and fire a missel that chases each target, missiles are blocked by shields and walls.

        If you want to feel free to contact me by email. I have other inumeras ideas for future champions that I think they are need in Paladins

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        dear developers
        its been a good time since so many good champions release every month
        but if you do me a favor for next month:
        develop a champion that has a ability
        1.shoot powerful beam that deal 500 damage
        2.has the ability to change the weapon burst to semi auto
        3.deploy a medkit for teamates and yourself
        4.have ability to fly for 2 second
        5.ultimate have to be akimbo that deal twice damage

      • ViniciusVinicius commented  · 

        Evie should not have a delay while using the blink, and her ultimate should freeze her enemies.

      • ViniciusVinicius commented  · 

        Ying is an excellent champion but still desires in some abilities, the maximum of positionable illusions should be 3, and they would heal not the same speed as the ying mirror fires, as if they throw allies and heal, dimensional flight should not have a delay in teleportation and be instantaneous.

      • ViniciusVinicius commented  · 

        Grok is a champion who urgently needs a rework in his abilities and appearance, his phantom step should last longer, his totem should be indestructible and have the same area of ​​effect as the maldamba gourd, his main attack should reach more of a target, its alternate firing should do considerable damage and cause low slowness, its ultimate spokes should attack faster.

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